The 99 Yen Challenge at A Taste of Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta.

Welcome back everyone to a brand new season of the 99 Yen Challenge, with your host Coriander Dickinson!

This time, we're starting things off at A Taste of Animethon, in Edmonton Alberta.

With us are Erinn Watson, Will Wood, and Ian Horner, with Brendan Dery as "Beej".

And, as an added twist, our host is <spoilers> not there!</spoilers>

Tune in to see how that turns out.  (Hint; hilarious!)

99_Yen_Challenge_-_A_Taste_of_Animethon_2010.mp3 Listen to this

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  • Mar 9 2010, 3:53 AM
    Jason responded:
    I miss improv comedy...:(