The 99 Yen Challenge at Harufest 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta

Recorded in Edmonton, Alberta; at Harufest 2010, It's the 99 Yen Challenge!

With your host Coriander Dickinson, this time on the panel we have Will Wood, Ian Horner, Brendan Dery as "Beej", and introducing Ryan Caron! — Let's give him a big round of applause folks.

And this is far and away one of the best shows we've ever done.  Seriously Funny, Seriously Good Sound.  Seriously, listen the hell out of this one.


(Also, a bonus game for you listening, try to catch panel regular Dan Ross in the audience.  He's really enjoying this one.)

99_Yen_Challenge_-_Harufest_2010.mp3 Listen to this

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